Tigerstorm Fleet Privacy Statement

This page is to inform you on how we use the information we collect.
We collect only name age and email addresses, we do collect Skype and Yahoo screen names, this is to keep close contact between all Participants.
Only Captains and First Officers are given the screen names or ages and email addresses.

However it is possible for other participants to get the email addresses from our mailing list, when a player posts.

The Committee is Currently 3 senior Officers of the Fleet Namely
Admiral T. Paesley , Captain John Yons , Captain Jake Delgaard.

The Lead Officer of the Committee is Captain John Yons

He is responsible for maintaining all Information submitted to the Fleet thru applications and Email.

Normally all applications are deleted after 6 months.

The only information that is kept is Name, Email address and Age.

Those are kept on a private database,
the database is used to keep track of ships personnel, and only used to keep track of positions on all ships.

The rosters of ships we have on our website only tracks character name and rank and the players posting.

the only email addresses that are kept on the site are those of senior officers.

The information gathered on our site is gathered for the following detailed reasons.

Name: Your real Name is gathered only to have a friendly feel in this environment.
We are like a small family. When we talk to you outside the game environment we will sometimes use your first name.
Its more personable that way.
Age: Your real age is necessary for several reasons.
To know a little about you and second for us to confidently set goals for you as a person and as a player a 15 yr old may not have the same goals in the game as 40 yr old.

Your email address: if we didn't have this, then there would be no email in play by email.

Your Instant messaging screen names: This is to use these options to contact you.
we only use these sparingly and only Captains and First officers will contact you on them.
no other players will.

Sex: Your Sex is only asked for one reason.
To know if you are Male or Female.
Nothing more Nothing Less.

Tigerstorm Fleet DOES NOT provide or sell applicants personal information to outside sources .

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