Our History

Tigerstorm Fleet has been around since 1998, in various forms or another. With our Email game part hosted on ONElist and then eGroups and then Yahoo. In 1999 we started hosting our website with GeoCities. We decided in 2001 that it was time to purchase TigerstormFleet.com. Captain Yons has been around since 1997 on the old WWCD chat rooms. Captain Yons started Tigerstorm Fleet with longtime friends Admiral Monk and Captains Delgaard and Taggart. We have always been an independent "small" family sized game. Usually no more than 6-10 players per ship. We started small and we intend to stay as small as possible for the comradeship that comes from a tightly knit group. In 2015 we changed over to a forum based software rather than email based servers. This was partly due to a period of inactivity of our game.
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The Fleet

We have a Variety of ships to choose from. From the NX Series from the 22nd Century. Both 23rd Century Flavors. The original 24th Century flavors. We even have a stolen Romulan Warbird for you to serve on. If Starfleet or Romulan Starships aren't your style, we also have a Klingon Bird of Prey in our fleet as well.Tigerstorm Fleet is set in the dark secretive world of Section 31

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